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Welcome to SCCSDA!

Welcome to the Santa Clara County Special Districts Association (SCCSDA) website! 

The Santa Clara County Special Districts Association (SCCSDA) was formed in order to propose and advocate constructive means for the continuous improvement and functioning of special districts within Santa Clara County, and to assist special districts to provide a more effective and efficient government at the closest level to the residents of Santa Clara County, that will result in benefits to the public.
The SCCSDA is comprised of 20 special districts that represent the fields of water, sanitation, sewer, cemetery, hospital, resource conservation, and open space.  It liaises with representatives from other partner organizations such as LAFCO, the League of California Cities, the Valley Transportation Authority, and of course CSDA.  The SCCSDA also liaises with elected officials at the local, regional, and state levels on issues of importance to special districts.  The SCCSDA meets quarterly, every March, June, September, and December.

Since its inception in 2004, the SCCSDA has focused on five primary objectives:

  1. To further the interests of member special districts in providing special district local government services; 
  2. To inform the public of the purposes and benefits of local special district government; 
  3. To serve as a forum of member districts for discussion and consideration of special district issues and  establish positions on such issues with other governmental agencies within the county;
  4. To carry out programs and projects of joint interest and mutual benefit to member districts.
  5. To establish a communication network among member districts linked to other governmental agencies; and